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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

I have had quite the busy weekend, ending with an energy-filled Newark house show last night at La Pata Fria. Three bands played, and two were from out of state. (New York and New Jersey) the bands performed in this order:

Melon Colony, Jazz 300, Stay Inside.

no website or instagram found for Melon Colony

The night started off outside of the house, watching band members light their cigs with a candle on the outdoor table. My friends and I ended up having a conversation about video games and anime with the badass Bryn, guitar player and backup singer the last band to play, Stay Inside. Eventually we all followed everyone into the packed basement where string lights were aplenty and the first band, Melon Colony had begun playing.

Everyone rocked back and forth together and seemed to all dance in sync, and the band members were in their own little world, silently signaling to each other throughout the set. If you ever want to see music in the form of colors and energy, I recommend going to a house show, the band members pour their hearts into the instruments and their voices and it’s truly a magical experience.

In between each set, the residents of La Pata Fria reminded the crowd to stay hydrated, put cash in the donation bucket, and have a good time. If you’re like me and never carry cash, they accept venmo too. One by one, each band played and we cheered and chanted and chatted to the people around us, even made some new friends.

After all of the bands had played, my friends and I headed upstairs to socialize. I met with Staci and Diego, the editors of DisturbancE magazine, who I've emailed but never talked to in person until last night. DisturbancE is a zine and biweekly newsletter chronicling the current form of all-ages punk music & arts scene in Delaware.

Their zine includes artwork, photos of the bands and house shows, and interviews with various Delawareans. Staci and Diego put together this zine with scissors, glue, scanners, and printers in a very practical and handmade way, and they always accept help from anyone who is interested. If you are interested in the slightest, email Staci and Diego and they would love your help. This goes for artists and people who are just looking to get involved in this DIY zine scene. Email and start chatting with some super cool people!


So all in all, we had a great night. good music, new friends, and I had beefy article to write about this morning. So email Staci and Diego to get involved with DisturbancE. And of course, keep a look out for the next house show so you can come dance with me!

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