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Are Some Artists Super Bitter... Or Do I Just Have Bad Luck? #NewWritersWanted

I guess it’s fair to say some in any profession are bitter… but I’ve had some horrific experiences with random people on Facebook seemingly just looking for trouble.

This story all started on Facebook, the home of people just looking for trouble, where I posted in some “Art Jobs, Opportunities, etc.” group about how we’re looking for new writers. The initial response was pretty good as I was introduced to some very cool artists who I’ve had great preliminary conversations with. But then it all came crashing down as someone commented saying, “can you post your pay rates so people know this isn’t a waste of time before clicking,” or something like that. First off, the basis of this is a valid question to ask in a job group but why fire out of the gate so aggressive and belittling? I can think of 20 different ways to ask that question without being a dick in no time at all, so it’s clear that all questions aside this dude just wants to be a dick. But me, trying to be nice as I usually do, let him know that there are no set parameters for writers so we’d prefer to discuss the terms upon inquiry. I felt like this was an extremely reasonable response since the post literally says, “you can post 1 time, you can post 100 times.” Then this dude fires back by saying, “keep it shady,” and something like, “it doesn’t look good but I’m not surprised.” Holy shit, has this dude been robbed by writing gigs in the past? This is now the second time that myself and other members of the Plebeian team have been berated by a member of a group that’s supposed to be “opportunities for artists,” before the people even understood what we were offering. I deleted the post and left the group because it seemed like every time I tried to say, “hey we help promote or give opportunities to artists,” someone gets offended by that and feels the need to try and shit all over our company for no reason. But hey, I guess I’m the asshole who offered them an opportunity… in an opportunities group.

Look, I think as artists we need to admit that at most levels our craft isn’t the most lucrative, especially right now. So why on Earth are people looking for “opportunity” with this jaded bitterness and taking their anger out on people trying to offer them things? When I started with Plebeian and wanted to pursue interviews and things like that, I was terrified that the bigger artists would never have the time of day for me but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Some of my favorite artists are literally the nicest people I’ve ever spoken to and that reigns true through most of the arts community. Very rarely do I have a bad conversation with an artist, our community is generally amazing to interact with. But for some reason the people who are the shittiest to me, and seemingly to all people who are trying to offer a chance or do something different, are the ones I’ve never fucking heard of or will hear of again after. It’s just so strange, we always hear about people arguing over Facebook and at least under the long winded political statuses it makes sense. Person A disagrees with Person B, they feel as though Facebook is their space to let every opinion they’ve ever had be heard, so naturally an argument ensues. But the bitterness and aggression from these people in spaces that are meant for sharing and opportunity just blows my mind. As artists should we not be open to all opportunity and collaboration to some extent? Or am I just crazy? I guess I am since I went on a long winded rant about how people are mean on Facebook… But don’t @ me.

Just don’t be greedy, don’t just hunt for trouble, we’re all one community of makers at the end of the day so look at all collaboration as an opportunity and if it’s not one for you… then don’t take it ya schmuck.

That being said, we are looking for new writers! As I said, this all started with a post about us looking for writers so why not end with it! If you’re bored, stuck inside with limited creative outlets, or are just looking for a new platform to share your work or writing then hit us up! We’d love to talk about the prospect of bringing you on as a contributor, yes YOU! I hope that my rant wasn’t too long winded, but it’s all in good fun and I have a platform to complain… so fuck Facebook groups.

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