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summer art drought?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

making art during the school year is never something i have to force myself to do, it is always a part of my routine in my art classes. during winter break, i make art to save myself from boredom, but summertime seems to be the season of art drought for many including myself. juggling working and social life can leave very little time to create. but creating doesn't have to be the typical painting on canvas or drawing with pencils or digital artworks. i find myself drawn to a random marker at a party and find a way to leave my mark somewhere on a dusty post-it-note. i find my finger searching for condensation in shop window during a midnight main street journey so i can create something, even if it vanishes when the sun comes up. just like you feed yourself, you feed your purpose. make a habit of creating until it becomes a natural inclination. when your mind naturally goes to, "what can i create and how can i do it right now" no matter what time it is or where you are, you know it's a part of you.

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