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Stop Letting Your Non-art Friends Off the Hook.

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

The goal is to sell. There is a business term, "educating the market". This refers to the creation of a new product so revolutionary that the consumer may not be able to digest on their own. To combat that companies will spend time and effort teaching people how the product can be beneficial. Why as artists do we ignore that fact a focus on the somewhat niche market of people who "get" art. Our objective should be to expand our consumer base. Hence the statement, don't let your friends off the hook.

Unless you strictly surround yourself with people in the art world you have all experienced showing a friend your work and them saying, thats "cool" and nothing more. No, no , no this is the in we need. This is the moment to challenge people. Don't allow them to give you half hearted praise. Sell them on the pleasures of a transcendent painting, or moving sculpture. Annoy them with artistic conversation force them to think and engage. Shove it down their throat the way you would with a new band you discovered or indie film you found. Half of interests maybe more are influenced by the people around us. If we can all educate our friends maybe just maybe, rather definitely, the niche market will grow. Extrapolate that out across all of us and before you know it you'll come across random people arguing about art at bars the way they do about music, politics, and sports. Everyone go out tomorrow and talk to five normies about art. Challenge them on their thoughts they will educate themselves.

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