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Painting? Therapeutic?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Sometimes; no almost every, the idea of a painting comes to me, I think to myself, "damn that would be a nice one". A couple days go by. Nothing started. Instead a blank canvas and a repeating of the phrase "damn that would be a nice one". It would be a good one. Never seems to turn into, that is was a good one. Maybe it's the pressure placed on each work. The dwindling money in my back account to replace any paint I use, or the brush's I forget to wash. Maybe it's the fear of the idea turning out bad. I don't want to waste my time to turn out a failed attempt at creating and effective piece of art. One that challenges and entertains. This isn't therapeutic. Every time you talk to someone that paints as a hobby or knits or anything creative they say, "Aw it's so relaxing!" Meanwhile for us, those who art is in no way a hobby are sitting there slamming our foreheads on respective door jams trying to get through the chore of working. Of course the work is going to suffer. How does one paint with a concussion.

Action Bronson is a musician, entertainer, and all around personality. In his free time he enjoys the soothing pastime of painting. He calls it a therapeutic experience. Stress free. Release of emotions.

We all need to get to this place. This place where painting is free expression. No stress or pressure. There is a primal nature to Action Bronson's paintings. The colors are vibrant and clashing. Bold shapes mangled together into an imagined rendering.He depicts hyper-stylized representations of animals. Though they are not a realistic study, they are instantly recognizable. Bronson's focus seems to be of the expressive characters. In the piece above a dog sitting statuesque being praised with the repeated phrase 'good boy', 'good boy', 'good boy'. Colors aren't chosen with proper color theory/analysis. Rather they are based off of raw emotional instinct. Slapping a bright red against and over a cool blue is simply what Bronson felt would convey the character in that painting. Bold. Emotional.

Even with multiple demanding careers, Bronson is able to produce tons of work. He doesn't allow the pressure to bog down his creativity. He sticks to what he likes and promotes it with conviction. This often captures the attention of others. Someone is actually taking their own approach to painting. Disregarding the so called rules to making. Maybe we can all learn something from his works. Just make it. Sitting and stewing, delaying the start of a piece is such a common problem with artists. Make it primal, personal. But do it with confidence and conviction. I believe Action Bronson could have another successful career as a visual artist. But then again for him its is a hobby. Its therapeutic.

Be Sure to Check out more of Bronson's work Through his instagram @bambambaklava.

He is certainly becoming one of my favorites.

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