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Empty Spaces

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

There's something simultaneously chilling and peaceful about an environment you enter and find to be void of other people. We are inherently delicate to the presence or lack there of humanity. It actually dictates our actions. Take, for instance, a specific place like the main street of your town or a common room in your house. Walking down a crowded, lively street there are countless things that go unnoticed. We get a sense of safety in a crowd. Instinctual guard relaxes. Relying on the collective instinct of others to keep us safe. Focus falls on the specifics; a conversation you're in, your phone, or the way your one shoe keeps rubbing on that last toe. It is annoying. Now remove everyone. You think that your phone and accessing human contact becomes essential. The opposite happens. Reaching for your phone is the last thing one your mind. Senes heighten along with instinct and you notice everything. The minute aspects of the world seem to be performing just for you. Traffic lights cycle not triggered by a waiting line of traffic. The walk sign announces, "WALK, WALK, WALK" alerting the night that the sign is on to cross.

You see, the only difference is the two spaces is the amount of attention you pay the world. There is inspiration and beauty everywhere you are just missing it.

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