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Why We're Here Wednesday: We Spoke at the University of Delaware

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Tonight we had the pleasure of speaking at the University of Delaware, the alma mater of the Plebeian team. Wow, what an experience. I’d like to first start out by thanking the school for partnering with us, allowing us to speak, and welcoming us back with open arms. I’d then like to thank Rafael Damast of Taller Puertorriqueno for sharing the podium with us and all the students who came out to listen to us.

But enough of the formal thank you stuff, I want to talk about the experience. I couldn’t imagine the amount of artists talks we went to when we were in school, some awesome, some bullshit, but no matter the quality the, “I could totally do this shit,” thought was always there. I feel like some of the biggest thoughts of grandeur I had in school were, “I’m gonna come back and my artist talk is going to blow the roof off of this place!” I didn’t think I’d be coming back 11 months post grad though. But it happened, the roof is still on the building, but it happened. I think a speech like this is made much more interesting when the memories of being on the other side are so recent, I could see myself in a lot of those students sitting there. I could honestly picture myself doodling away, barely paying attention in the back rows as I spoke up there tonight. But I was shocked at the engagement of the students, they loved it, and I think deep down I knew they would, but the nervousness of public speaking always brings up the worst case scenario.

So, once again and speaking on behalf of the Plebeian team, I’m going to give a big thank you to those students who came out today and welcome them to Plebeian! UD, you’re the first of many, thanks for the platform to take off, now let’s really take this off!

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