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There is scaffolding in the sky

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Some months ago I visited MoMA PS1 with my brother. We were there to see the Bruce Nauman exhibition. While there we figured we'd stroll on up to the top floor and take a peak at the James Turrel piece, Meeting. Being that I had never experienced a Turrell room in person, I was rather excited. We reached the awkward top floor, with a mix of closed door offices and seeming unrenovated hallways, I got the feeling that there was no more art to see. And I was right. You see just my luck the Turrell piece had been indefinitely closed due to obstruction to the skylight view. Construction to a neighboring building graced the sky with a tall vent pipe accompanied by brightly colored scaffolding. I still was doubtful that we were in the right place. There was just a shot rope blocking one of the office doors. One the pole of the rope there was a printed sign informing us that we would not be experiencing Meeting.

James Turrell’s “Meeting” at MoMA PS1 (image via @jenist/Twitter)

However, I didn't even get that. I go this:

Now part of me want to make an argument that the scaffolding could have in an odd way elevated the work. But that would mean arguing against Turrell original intention.

But also found the culprit one the way out:

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