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The Big Linguini

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Solo exhibition of Daniel Giordano on view until Sunday, March 17, 2019 at Sardine, 286 Stanhope St., ground floor, Brooklyn, New York 11237

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For the past weeks Sardine in Brooklyn, New York became a capsule; a capsule preserving relics of an iridescent future. Titled The Big Linguini the exhibition is a collection of works by mixed media artist Daniel Giordano. Adorning the stark white walls of the no more than 300 square foot space were what at first glance seemed to be aligned explosions of material frozen mid action. Materials present seem to share no relation beside the expressive, vibrant colors, and the physical connection. Yet the object induces this state of wonder. Wondering how these objects came to be in the way that they are captured. Realizing what is present; many things from gilded substances, to hairs, to orange and blue goo. These elements came together in a fit of fast, sexy, aggression. When asked how the works shown tie into his overall themes Giordano remarks, “the work is about everything and nothing at the same time.” With such a delicate grasp on the arrangement of color and materials Daniel definitely has a bright future; one may even say an iridescent one.



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