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The April 2019 Digital Exhibition is Here!

Show cover art by Claire Ciccarone

That’s right, we are proud to release our very first digital exhibition curated from all of your works posted on the forum so far. First of all, we’d like to thank all of you who posed, all of the work was great and it was quite a challenge to narrow down what pieces we were going to put in. This show is the first of many, so if your work didn’t get selected this time, we encourage you to keep posting as every month’s show will have it’s own style and vibe. A big shoutout to Claire Ciccarone, who’s photography work was chosen for the cover! Possibly harder than choosing the work, is choosing the cover work, so getting your work to the cover is another incentive to keep on posting!

So where can you find this first digital show? RIGHT HERE! If you look above and click the newly formatted exhibitions tab you’ll be able to flip through this month’s lookbook and enjoy the show. You’ll also be able to find a downloadable link for the show in the shop section, also up above, and it’s here where we’ll be backlogging all of the shows so if you want to come back and find an old download in the future, that’s where it will be.

We are incredibly proud to get to host all of your awesome work and excited to keep putting these shows together every month! Thank you so much for all of your participation and we hope you’ll keep on posting so that we can keep on creating this content for you all. This is just the beginning here at Plebeian and we’re excited to take this further with you all!

A big thank you from myself and all of us here at Plebeian, Inc.! Enjoy!


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