Round #2: Where have you been?

You know when you’re sitting watching the clock move, it really seems like time is going by so slow, yet when you keep yourself focused and busy, time seems to get lost? That’s sort of how I’ve been feeling during COVID-19. I’ve been out of work and isolated at home since March 19th. In Minnesota, our shelter in place was established just a few days later on March 25th. I’ve always had a lot going on between working a full-time job, teaching and taking belly dance classes multiple nights a week, playing a band, and making art. It’s certainly been a transition to sitting at home, watching the second hand slowly tick, and just…. be. I know I have had the privilege to be able to do that. There are so many frontline and essential workers who don’t get a break. It’s difficult for me to understand how it might be for them. Their daily work routine may have only changed slightly except for the addition of PPE. Or their world has been completely rocked and flipped upside down and dragged through a few miles of concrete. All I know is that what I need to do, as someone who isn’t an essential worker, is to stay the F home. Not to mention the countless lives that have been lost due to this virus. I can only imagine the heartbreak folx are experiencing at this time.

So, the time has been going by fairly slow for me. I went from one million things to distract myself with, to one thing: spending time with myself. The positive I am taking out of this halt has been to re-group, regain control of my overworked self, and to focus on the things that truly matter. Two of those things are community and collaboration. When Bailey reached out to me a couple of weeks into isolation to suggest another drawing exchange, I was like “duh I want to do that” Now is the perfect time to bring ourselves together and create art during this wild ride.

So while the clock is still moving (slowly), and I, and many others, are marinating in the incubator of stopped-time, we are trying our best to make the best of it.

Below: snippets of drawings after round #2 of the current drawing exchange On Hold