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Produce One Good Thing And Ride The Wave In.

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Charlie got his golden ticket to Wonka's factory and got to give Grandpa Joe the thrill of his life. Where is my ticket? A viral meme or simple video is that ticket to the Wonka Chocolate Factory of life. As an artist you're constantly thinking, "Man if I could just get one thing to got viral, I'd ride that fame forever." The sad truth is that this is the mentality of culture today. Placing like and follower numbers on social media accounts was, I imagine intended to cultivate the creator community, however it has gone off the rails. Social media has lead to a virus of braindead followers foaming at the mouth for whatever a certain famous asshole does next. We are no longer hungry for quality. Instead we need our fix of content the name of the game is speed. It doesn't matter if the content is good or though out. Nope as long as there's something showing up in that 3x3 inch square on my phone screen every 20 minutes, I am pleased. Attach a "famous" name to it and wa- lah. Double Tap. More validation to give me more.

Where does that leave us. Firstly, the standard of things worthy of our attention has taken a dive off a cliff. Now we just want the action. The instantaneous release of constantly being fed things to look at. Most of which is just garbage; filler. Thoughtful things take time. The first step is admitting you have a problem. From there we can go about weening you off your addiction/ unquenchable thirst for interaction. Secondly, we creative a lifetime free pass to anyone who can shock us for 30 seconds. Remember way back in the day when a band would make one great album and then follow it up with trash. This crazy thing happened. People would actually stop listening. In 2019, you can make one interesting thing, receive the smallest bit of recognition, and boom that's parlayed for years and years. I'm talking endorsement deals, make-up lines, clothing, podcast, events, toilet seat covers with your face, koi fish food, anything, who fucking cares you got a gold ticket. Hell, Soulja Boy started a video game company. You read that right, SOULJA BOY makes video games now. Throw anything out the the mindless dogs you call followers and they will eat it up. Kanye West is a great musician, who decided to make a pair of boots along with some casual athleisure. I bought a pair for $550.00. KAWS made some cool street art paintings back in the day. Now he vomits out nearly the same image on a canvas but plays with the colors and i like every one he puts on Instagram. Every single thing he touches I love.

Do I really love all of it? Or have I let my guard down? I have joined the mob and become a passive, weak minded fiend. Too lazy to challenge anything that the chosen people do. It is easier to just smile and clap my hands every time they unveil something new. Everyday someone gets the viral golden ticket in this internet age. and every day a Grandpa Joe leaps from bed and does a dance. Maybe one day I'll get my ticket. Until then I will continue scrolling and tapping until a heart appears.

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