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If you can't get your foot in the door, build your own.

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Tell me how in an industry where diversity of opinions matters very few get to validate work. In academia it's our professors, in the professional landscape the curators and dealers. They are right. You are wrong. Who anoints these people. It's not a result of public opinion. That I can assure. It is in the interest of those who dictate success to continue perpetuating the system that exists. In this art world a powerful few have the ability to grant success or otherwise. Too often we as artist accept their approval as the only road to success. A change is coming!

In todays digital age the advantages that big time galleries have when it comes to dominating the market are diminishing right under their noses. The exclusivity of spaces to show work can be replaced by websites. Dealing can be done by the artists themselves. All it takes is an Instagram account paired with a Shopify store. For some reason, we are still all bound by their opinions. Why do we care who wins juried shows? Who art critics push? How a professor grads? Opinions are opinions and nothing more. We are really giving someone the power to grant us success just because they are older, have money, etc? All industry relies on the opinions of the consumer. The last phase to returning the power to the hands of the makers is to take back opinion. I'm not advocating that we completely disregard professors or jurors or curators. But take it for what it is. Take it as feed back. Do not let it dictate your work going forward. Decide for yourself whose opinion matters. Base it on respect of their work; their knowledge, their experience. If you respect them, respect what they have to say. If not smile and nod while they are talking and then disregard their notes. Weigh your thoughts as much as theirs. Otherwise you are just another part of the system. Constantly trying to please people that aren't buying your work. In the end all that matters is those buying your work and you making your work. Accolades in the art world are bullshit. I want dollars. Money is the best accolade.

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