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I think that guy's successful because his ig is extravagant.

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Fake it until you make it. How does one do that in a world based of merit and credentials? They don't. Gone are the days of work speaking for itself. Production and quality have fallen to followers and likes. Put up posts with money and experiences in order to appear happy and successful. SAD. Personal brands. What is that? My name is Joe. Do I need to make that a brand now. Why is sharing good work not enough for an artist to get recognized now a days. They first have to gain a big following. The audience has gotten lazy. People don't seek out good work. Do all this bullshit so that you get on the explore page of instagram. Make sure you fit an aesthetic to gain followers. Pfffttt keep faking it. The people you don't see consumed by their "brand" will be busy making it.

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