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Help Wanted!

Updated: Apr 20, 2020


The founder of Plebeian is seeking a personal instructor to assist in the process of washing out paintbrushes post use. At some point in the process of taking a brush full of paint, dipping it in solvent and wiping it off shit hits the fan I crumble. Time after time I have taking brushes to the sink, soaked them in mineral spirits and squeezed them out with full force, only to find them rock solid upon next use. It is tough to say whether this is due to incredible strength causing the the brush to solidify under the pressure of stubby fingers, similar to coal under pressure, or a lack of patience when ink seemingly never stops coming out of a brush. Never the less, I have now just accepted the fact that the process of each painting leaves me in isle 11 at the closest Michaels purchasing a fresh set. Believe it or not it is quite insightful to have the employee recommend brands. I say "oh you paint", and he says "no but I've worked here for four months and have a red vest on sooo". We've been there. Artists loft it is I guess. $4.99 for a set even better. Now I'm trapped in a viscous cycle of buying a full set of Artist lofts over and over. Of course they just fall apart after one use. This position would simply require your presence at time of brush cleaning. Maybe just remind me that brushes aren't meant to be disposable and show me the proper cleaning method.

Please reach out to for inquiries.

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