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Feature Friday Competition!

This week’s Feature Friday is all about the bi-monthly competition that we’re hosting for our featured artists! For those of you who are new, feature friday is a weekly article where we promote an artist we find in our blog. We’ll reach out, do a short interview, post 3-5 pieces depending on size or medium and promote all of your media outlets (website, instagram, etc.). These features are only for people posting in our blog, so post away, get your stuff on there and there’s a better chance we’ll see it. Also, the more you post, the more people can see and interact with your work and isn’t that what Pleb’s is all about?

Onto the competition, every other month we will select one artist from the pool of featured artists over that two month span for a merchandise partnership. With this we will produce a limited run of merchandise using your imagery! Artists will get to select what type of merchandise we produce from an approved list, t-shirts, hats, and so on, as well as the imagery placed on them. This can be from one of the pieces we featured you with or you can create a totally new piece just for this! We will open a pre-order and then we’ll release it to the world!

The overall breakdown of how this competition and production will work as follows:

-One artist is selected from the pool of featured artists.

-Artist submits imagery and merchandise type to us.

-We produce the mockups and open preorder!

-Following preorder, the rest of the stock goes to open sale and we print, market, and deliver everything for you! We do, however, hope that you’ll let people you know that you won and are having this merchandise made!

-Artist gets a percentage of profit for each item sold.

-Artist holds onto 100% of the licensing rights to their artwork and the merchandise we produce together!

This competition is to help promote you all and have some fun! We want to give you an outlet to produce something that you may not regularly have the opportunity to produce and make some money in the process! It’s also crucial for us to make sure that you can produce something like this without any hassle of losing licensing rights to YOUR artwork, and we want to be very up front and let you know we’re not going to do that. It’s 100% yours, we just want to help. So, that being said, post away and show us your work. The competition is ON!


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