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Brian Booth Craig Studio Visit

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Over the summer we were pleased to be able to get to do an interview with sculptor Brian Booth Craig, one of my all time favorites. It was a great interview and if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, it’s worth a watch or read ( ). Following the interview with stayed in touch with Brian and he was nice enough to invite us out to his brand new studio space to sit down and have another chat. A chat that we’re very excited to release to you today!

There’s glimpses of it in the video and pictures below but it’s unlikely that a camera could capture the true beauty of this new space. You enter the building directly into the work space, a tall, open room that is flooded with gorgeous natural light by large windows on either side of the space. The area is surrounded by clay sculptures in all stages of development, Brian uses oil based clay so nothing has to be covered and this allows you to be fully immersed in his work as soon as you enter the room. He talks about it in the interview, but it’s a fascinating point that even he takes time to just look at his in progress work and allow the next step of the piece to reveal itself to him.

As well as his new studio space, we also got to tour all of Brian’s rural Pennsylvania facilities including his metal shop and former studio space. These two spaces were actually built in a barn that is well over 100 years old. This space had a very different type of beauty and intrigue because you could feel the age of the space, but its exposed stone and structure revealed its stability at the same time. While not as glamorous as the new studio space, Plebeian CEO, Joseph Gardner, and myself felt right at home in the metal shop as we spent most of our time in college in a similar space. This was more of the raw work side of Brian’s space, but it revealed so much about his process and it’s visible in some of the images below.

I could ramble on and on about Brian’s space and his hospitality but I’ll let him speak for himself in this marvelous video interview. Since it was our second time talking to him we got to move past the baseline information of the original interview and really dig into his work, what it means, and some concepts in art itself. It was a fascinating conversation and studio visit and we thank Brian so much for letting us into his space. It’s mentioned in the interview, the date has actually changed since we recorded, but Brian has a solo show at the Louis K. Meisel Gallery in New York opening on November 14th and staying on view until December 20th. For more on Brian’s work you can visit his website or his Instagram @brianboothcraigsculptor. To see more about and sign up for his workshops you can visit or and to find more information about his coming show and opening you can visit , the Plebeian team will be there so don’t miss it! You can also find Brian on all of the Plebeian platforms as he’s been a tremendous promoter of our brand. We hope you enjoy the Video!


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