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An Interview with Alexis Nutini

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

I first met Alexis Nutini when I was senior in college. My senior studio course took a visit to the studio building where Nutini has a space and while we met a bunch of artists that day, he stood out. Other artists we met were either uninteresting or had that "art is hard and then you make it like I did," mentality that I think a lot of professionals get when meeting students. But Nutini was a realist, giving actual insight to the professional art world. He told us about how he got a Fulbright Scholarship pretty much right out of college, which would lead a lot of people to assume that he'd just be set for life as an artist, but after that he had to grind, find his way and work really hard doing a lot of different things to make it as an artist. I was fascinated by his journey, I found myself actually paying attention, which was rare for me in school... But after that I've consistently followed his work and once Plebeian got going, I knew we had to do an interview with him.

Nutini's work is beautifully crafted through meticulous and controlled yet experimental printmaking processes. His work is defined by bold colors and shapes, both organic and geometric, layered on top of each other. Although he does editions of the same plates, unlike other printmakers Nutini almost never replicates the same colors or order in his prints, giving him a unique quality that isn't often seen in the medium. Nutini's work has a tremendous amount of depth, the viewer can easily get lost in every piece presented to them. So you can imagine how much I got lost in the brilliant set up that he had in his studio for us (pictured below). Of all the printmakers I've ever met, I'd have to say Nutini has the most control of the print process, he's almost got it down to a science, but he still always finds a way to experiment and push the process to new heights.

Alexis Nutini is an all around awesome artist, and we were very excited to get to interview him and hear his story. He gives tremendous insight to his life, artistic process, and how that process has developed over the years. For more of Nutini's work you can find him on his website and on Instagram @dos_tres_Press. Please enjoy this (partial) video interview!


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