All good things must build a community.

Unanonymous II: “On Hold” comes to an end.

The root of The Unanonymous Project is community and collaboration among artists. The second edition of this project builds upon the 2016 edition MAMFAD-X for which participating artists were linked by being enrolled in an MA/ MFA program. For this exchange, we were connected via the shared experience of having an exhibition put “On Hold” due to the COVID -19 Stay at Home orders put in place across the US in March 2020. Artists were given a timeline, email addresses, and instructed to start 4 original digital drawings which would ultimately pass between 3 artists. The organizers were deliberately vague in all other directions. There was no preferred program, file size or type. Instead, the medium of digital drawing was the only prompt. This allowed artists to pursue what worked for them and for the work they received. The results are an organic expression of the 15 artists who participated, and the interactions between them.

The times in which this project was made have been nothing short of bizzare. It has separated people physically in a unique manner, but also brought people together in new ways. The participants in this project are a collection of friends, casual acquaintances, and social media connections who are otherwise strangers. This body of work now stands as a shared experience for them. The truth is that art will survive, it will always connect people, and it is artists’ responsibilities to be leaders in modeling community and collaboration. This edition of The Unanonymous Project is our small contribution to that legacy.


We would like to sincerely thank the artists who were a part of this exchange. Please seek out, and support the work of:

Colleen Anderson, Carly Bodnar, Tara Booth, Dave Branch, Bailey Chick, Abby Daleki, Natalie Hutchings, Sarah Huttner, Dinah Langsjoen, Brad Rademaker, Eddy Rhenals, Lucia Riffel, Zachary Rutter, Kristin Scattenfield-Rein & Hope Thier.