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90-second illustrations interview

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

I am trying something new this week with interviews! :o

I decided to start interviewing a few artists friends but not in the traditional format. I am asking them questions related to their art, and instead of answering me with words, they will be drawing quick illustrations depicting their interpretation of the question. The drawings are 2-5 minutes procreate sketches (iPad) and the interview is done in person.

My first interviewee is a close friend and peer, @nateomancy. < click here to

I will ask him a few questions (in bold) in which he will respond with illustrations.

Who are you?

What's your biggest fear as an artist?

How was your day?

Draw the first thing that comes to mind

Draw a monster

Draw a two-color design

Draw a three-color geometric design

Draw your "family tree"

Follow Nate's instagram:

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