Plebeian is a social commerce platform that cultivates the exchange of creative and artistic commodities. Our goal is to restructure the current sales and marketing channels of visual artists through a singular application. This is accomplished by centralizing the indispensable aspects of their creative practice. By removing external market barriers from the current system, our application allows for a thriving market for independent creators and buyers within which to immerse.




Our mission is to disrupt the current structure of the art market. We offer artists an alternative to the traditional gallery/dealer system. The Plebeian social commerce platform is directly catered to the needs of independent artists, giving them access to all resources needed to be successful. Simultaneously introducing alienated consumers to art in an accessible way. We will always be an innovative space for the exchange of visual product and conceptual dialogue.  


For some time the art market has benefited too few people. This is not by mistake. The current system is designed to offer very few sales vectors and an elite customer base. It has worked well for a small group of companies and enthusiasts who treat works of art as a new form of commodity for their investment portfolio. The approved dealers collect the cream of the crop in terms of artists, purchase the rights to their entire archive, and fix prices in order to keep their place at the top. Operating outside the rules of free market economics, the dealers are able to set exorbitant starting prices. They then sell to wealthy buyers who understand that art is in a way the best commodity to own: increasing in value overtime, due to the monopoly on supply. We believe that this is not only unethical and alienating, but that this structure is vulnerable to crumbling under the weight of broad public exposure. We are here to accomplish that exposure and return art to everyone. 


The future of sales is social commerce. Allowing each seller to also be a buyer and vice versa. We see the potential for this new commerce to liberate the art market. Our mobile platform the Plebeian Deli does just that. It will allow for artists to sell work, take commission work, network, and scale their business. Artists will not be beholden to the gallery/dealer structure that is in place today. Having a middle man sell your work for your for a large commission fee, will be a thing of the past. Artists will have complete freedom in how they sell their products, allowing them to cater their career to their own needs. Social Commerce also allows for an accessibility that consumers are not currently getting. It is much less intimidating to express interest in the arts when the seller is another individual, it personalizes the interaction that occurs while engaging.